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Event Modeling

  • working in remote teams
  • design your software online
  • let cody do the development work

prooph board includes everything to get you started with Remote Event Modeling

Build Event Sourced Systems closely together with the business. Crafted for (distributed) Software- and Product-Development-Teams.
 simpler system modeling  faster development timelines
Bring sticky notes to action

From scratch to ready to use software

Visual Modelling with prooph board efficiently improves collaboration and software development

High Level Event Storming Onsite or online

Design Level Modelling Remote Board Sessions

Next Sprint Planning Map Stories & Features

Implement with Cody Reduce Development Time

Deploy to Production Mark as done

Feature Documentation Saved on prooph board

Working in Remote Teams

prooph board is designed for Online Event Modeling

Distributed Team Collaboration

Capture input from all team members no matter where they are! Every Event Storming session is documented on prooph board. Team members can look it up and add changes alone or together with other domain experts.

During the refinement process user stories and tasks can be derived from the sketched Event Model — in preparation of a sprint planning.

Everybody is on the same page at any time.

Event Driven Design

Do all kinds of Event Storming and Modeling on prooph board from Big Picture to Design Level and beyond. Kick Off or new features — sketch your ideas together with the team.

Agile Software Development

Once sketched on prooph board a solution can be implemented fast and easy with the help of a coding bot. The visual model serves as a blueprint and continuous documentation.

Getting Things Done

Less blah blah more action. Effective Teamwork for distributed teams, small and big business

Turn meetings into production time

What you get

Create Big Picture and see it come to life

Turn Meetings into


production time

prooph board is packed with awesome features designed for distributed product development. It runs as SaaS in the cloud providing a central place for cross-functional teams to design event-driven services and documentation.

  • Realtime Collaboration
  • Event Storming Stickies
  • Infinite Modelling Space
  • Teams & Organization
  • Swimlanes & Slices
  • Coding Bot Cody
  • Continuous Documentation

Cody in Production

Cody is a coding bot integrated in prooph board. It understands Event Modeling and can translate the visual model into working code. This allows developers to focus more on user and business value and less on technical details. Source code and visual model are kept in sync producing a living documentation for free. Cody generates event sourced code, event-driven data flows and task-based UIs — basically everything a modern software product needs!

Low-code platforms usually bind you to the services provided by the platform — also known as vendor lock-in. That's not the case with Cody. Cody is an Open Source HTTP server running on your local machine. It integrates with your existing development workflow just like a new team mate. You still control the entire software development lifecycle. Think of it like a code monkey that takes over the boring tasks like writing necessary boilerplate code, message and value objects as well as data management in the frontend.
Every aspect of Cody is customizable. We offer ready-to-use Cody servers for a variety of languages. Your preferred language is not included in the list? Don't worry, a basic Cody server can be implemented in a day. The Open Source licence allows you to customize Cody to fit your needs. Have a specific project structure? No problem, just change the preconfigured paths or the logic how software components are grouped. Whatever you want to change, you can simply do it!

Save up to


development effort

Create fast-moving software

Benefit from our Low-Code Platform

Insecia Logo

In cooperation with our partners from Insecia, we have implemented a Low-Code Plattform on top of Cody to develop MVPs and Information Management Systems in a fraction of time. Quickly launch your application and easily add a fully functional Media Asset Service for handling and storing all necessary data you need in your web application.

  • Low Code Platform as a Service
  • Quick MVP ramp-up
  • Tailor-made information management

What it looks like

Easy User Interface


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  • Up to 25 User​
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